• GOLD: CPS Azina Launch Swag Bags
  • GOLD: CPS Telepharmacy Direct Mail Series
  • GOLD: Azina Conference Touchscreen
  • GOLD: Meduit Georgia Hospital Association Ad
  • SILVER: Meduit Self-service vs Full-service
    Banner Ads
  • GOLD: CPS, Transitions of Care Postcards
  • GOLD: Healthmap, Covid-19 Social Media Campaign
  • GOLD: Meduit, Corporate Brochure
  • GOLD: Meduit Covid-19 Direct Mail Campaign
  • GOLD: Meduit, Covid-19 and Revenue Cycle Management, Preparing for the New Normal
  • SILVER: CPS, Display Advertising Series
  • GOLD: CPS, SPARx Logo
  • GOLD: CPS, “We Make It Better” Campaign
  • GOLD: CPS, Specialty Pharmacy Linkedin
  • SILVER: Meduit Cycle Up External Newsletter
  • SILVER: Clearway Pain Solutions Pensacola
    Sports Magazine
  • SILVER: Water’s Edge Dermatology, April
    Cosmetic Flyer
  • GOLD: The Capsule – Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Newsletter
  • GOLD: Water’s Edge Open Saturdays Announcement
  • SILVER: We-Care Inside – Water’s Edge Newsletter
  • SILVER: Water’s Edge Instore Display
  • SILVER: Water’s Edge Aesthetic Promotions
  • GOLD: CPS “Superhero Sidekick” American
    Hospital Association Ad Campaign
  • GOLD: CleanSlate “Live Addiction Free” Digital
    Advertising Campaign
  • GOLD: CleanSlate “Lives Are on the Line”
    Radio Campaign
  • SILVER: CPS for the 3 Part Direct Mail Series  
  • BRONZE: CleanSlate Direct Mail
  • GOLD: CleanSlate Center Website
  • GOLD: CPS Brochures
  • SILVER: Pelvicure Logo/Design Letterhead
  • GOLD: CPS Black Box 3 Part Direct Mail Series
  • GOLD: CPS Brochure System
  • GOLD: Alacura Provider Brochure
  • SILVER: CVH Website Design and Development
  • SILVER: CVH Visual Identity Brand Work
  • SILVER: Digital Campaign of the Year “CPS Specialty Pharmacy”
  • GOLD: CPS Black Box 3 Part Direct Mall Series
  • GOLD: CPS Azina Touchscreen Presentation
  • GOLD: Meduit SARA Issue Brief, Meet SARA
  • GOLD: Georgia Hospital Association Ad
  • SILVER: Azina New Brand Announcement
  • BRONZE: Azina Brand Launch Swag Box
  • BRONZE: Podcast Layout
  • BRONZE: Self-Service vs Full Service Display Ads
  • MERIT: 340B Direct Mail Campaign
  • MERIT: Special Pharmacy Solutions Overview
  • MERIT: Azina Brand Launch
  • MERIT: CPS Telepharamcy Direct Mail
  • GOLD: CPS Online Display Ads
  • GOLD: The Pulse Intranet
  • GOLD: Meduit Podcast Series
  • SILVER: Meduit Web Bot Video
  • SILVER: Meduit Corporate Brochure
  • BRONZE: Meduit C19 Direct Mail
  • MERIT: CPS Intranet Poster
  • MERIT: CPS Infusion Direct Mail
  • MERIT: Meduit SARA Launch Campaign
  • MERIT: Healthmap Solutions Covid Campaign
  • MERIT: Healthmap Solutions Provider Slicks (Collateral)
  • GOLD: Meduit Cycle Up External Newsletter
  • GOLD: CPS LinkedIn Online Display Ad for
    Specialty Pharmacy 
  • BRONZE: Clearway Print Ad in Pensacola
    Sports Magazine
  • MERIT: CPS Compliance Deadline
    Magazine Advertising
  • MERIT: Clearway Pain Billboard “Don’t Suffer
    with Pain”
  • MERIT: Clearway Pain Radio Spot “Sidelined
    with Pain”
  • SILVER: CleanSlate “Lives Are on the Line”
    Radio Campaign
  • BRONZE: Innovative Healthcare Delivery – Brochure
  • GOLD: The WilMark Group Website
  • DISTINCTION: Clearway Pain Solutions, National Platform Home Page
  • PLATINUM: Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Best Marketing Campaign “CPS Specialty Pharmacy”
  • PLATINUM: Healthmap Solutions Website
    (Design and Content)
  • GOLD: MedComplete Launch
  • GOLD: Cycle Up RCM Digital Magazine
  • HONORABLE MENTION: Meduit Self-Service vs.
    Full-Service Digital Ads
  • HONORABLE MENTION: Meduit Georgia Hospital Association Ad
  • HONORABLE MENTION: Azina Brand Launch
  • PLATINUM: Meduit Brochure
  • PLATINUM: Meduit Direct Mail 
  • PLATINUM: Meduit Covid-19 New Normal Prep
  • PLATINUM: Healthmap Provider Client Communications
  • GOLD: Meduit SARA Launch Integrated Marketing
  • GOLD: Meduit Ambulance Direct Mail 
  • GOLD: Meduit Podcast Series
  • GOLD: CPS Excellence, Annual Meeting Video
  • GOLD: CPS Website Design for The Pulse
  • GOLD: CPS Holiday Card
  • GOLD: Healthmap World Kidney Day 
  • HONORABLE MENTION: Meduit Web Bot Video
    Arrived Poster
  • HONORABLE MENTION: CPS Transitions of
    Care Postcards
  • HONORABLE MENTION: SPARx Tradeshow Exhibit
  • HONORABLE MENTION: CPS Infusion Direct
    Mail Campaign
  • PLATINUM: Meduit Cycle Up Newsletter
  • PLATINUM: Meduit CYCLE UP, Email Communication
  • PLATINUM: Clearway Pain Referral Brochure
  • GOLD: Comprehensive Pharmacy Services
    “We Make It Better” Print Campaign
  • GOLD: Comprehensive Pharmacy Service Specialty Pharmacy LinkedIn Campaign
  • GOLD: Comprehensive Pharmacy Services
    SPARx Logo
  • GOLD: Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Trade Show Booth
  • GOLD: Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Compliance Deadline Print Ad
  • GOLD: Water’s Edge June Cosmetic Promotion Flyer
  • HONORABLE MENTION: Clearway Pain Pensacola Sports Magazine Ad
  • HONORABLE MENTION: Meduit IT Factor Print Ad
  • HONORABLE MENTION: Water’s Edge April Cosmetic Promotion Flyer
  • HONORABLE MENTION: Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Puerto Rico Trade Show Booth
  • HONORABLE MENTION: Comprehensive Pharmacy Services XBOX Giveaway
  • HONORABLE MENTION: Meduit Interior Branding, Interior Office Design
  • HONORABLE MENTION: Clearway Pain “Sidelined with Pain” Radio
  • PLATINUM: Comprehensive Pharmacy Services
    Print Design “2017 Annual Meeting Posters”
  • PLATINUM: Comprehensive Pharmacy Services
    Print Media/Advertising Tradeshow Exhibit
    “Superhero Sidekick Booth”
  • GOLD: Comprehensive Pharmacy Services
    Print Media/Advertising Magazine “Superhero
    Sidekick Print”
  • GOLD: Clearway Pain Solutions Institute Print Publication “Brochure”
  • GOLD: Meduit Logo
  • HONORABLE MENTION: Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Yeti Cup Direct Mail
  • HONORABLE MENTION: Water’s Edge Dermatology Print Media “WE SCULPT”
  • HONORABLE MENTION: Clearway Pain Solutions Institute Logo