PR Campaign – “Navigating the High Stakes of Healthcare Reform for U.S. Hospitals”

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The historical challenges posed by healthcare reform and the unpredictable political environment leading into 2016 sparked unprecedented challenges for U.S. hospitals.  After nearly 50 years serving the nation’s healthcare facilities, CPS felt itself well-positioned to address many of those concerns. The WilMark Group developed a thought-leading public relations campaign to address these deep concerns tormenting hospital decision-makers in 2015 

The WilMark Group Difference

The WilMark Group created a knowledge-based, integrated multi-channel, dual audience program to identify and address key pharmacy issues facing hospitals in the post healthcare reform era.  


The campaign provided insights and solutions to help hospitals navigate critically important hospital pharmacy issues that drive hospital-wide clinical, operational and financial performance while further entrenching CPS’ leadership position in their industry.