New Product Launch – Meduit MedEzPay

Meduit • Revenue Cycle Management


To meet rising deductibles and the increased financial burden placed on patients, Meduit introduced a solution called MedEZPay that supports patients in meeting their medical bills by connecting them to banks that provide zero or low interest loans that require no credit check. It was a complex and delicate proposition that had to convey the details of the offering but also the heart and dedication to personal service that our client was known for.

The WilMark Group Difference

The WilMark Group developed an integrated campaign to launch Meduit’s MedEZPay solution, consisting of a multi-channel plan to introduce the new service internally and externally to high value existing and potential healthcare provider clients. 

Internal Communications included a message from the CEO to all employees with a “sneak peek” email for clients alerting them of the impending product launch, the MedEZPay one-pager and a link to a custom produced video.

External communications included eblasts to high value contacts driving them into Meduit’s marketing automation platform and a landing

page where a Meduit RCM solutions expert could be contacted, and they could interact with and download more information.

The campaign was supported by Blog content and social media posts linked to a video and landing pages.

To engage further those interacting with touchpoints, we built out workflows within the marketing automation platform that included additional content for interest to the targets on a “drip campaign basis” that extended the life, impact and reach of the campaign to complete the marketing cycle.


The integrated campaign resulted in 13 conversions of large high value hospital targets.