Direct Mail Micro-Marketing Campaign

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The challenge was not only reaching just the right decision-makers and influencers within the complex structure of the typical U.S. hospital, it was also marketing to existing internal pharmacy leadership who might not want to spotlight problems and issues within their own operations. The WilMark Group needed a way to forge the right level of credibility and trust, while also reaching into the c-suite to build brand awareness and value for CPS as the hospital or system collectively went through their own internal decision-making processes.  

The WilMark Group Difference

The WilMark Group developed a three-part direct mail campaign to accelerate lead generation rates for CPS over a six-month period among very specific high value hospital and health system targets, over a condensed period of time to capitalize on repetition, visibility and momentum.

Building a segmented database was an essential element of the strategy so we could reach ONLY high value institutional targets (those in most need of pharmacy services based on CPS’ business analytics).  This allowed for targeting of the individual pharmacy and key c-suite leadership for each hospital in a highly customized way.  

The Direct Marketing campaign unfolded with a three-part mail series: 

  1. A branded and customized Yeti with a welcome postcard 
  2. “Best Practices Pharmacy Playbook” and a Free Assessment offer
  3. Three case studies to prove CPS’ prior success with the hospital’s peers

These mailings were supported by a special landing page where mail recipients went to further engage and direct follow-up by the sales team.


The campaign targeted 247 hospitals reaching nearly 1,000 internal hospital pharmacy leaders and c-suite executives, and captured 13 qualified institutional leads fulfilling six requests for proposals and four new high value contracts.