Digital Marketing

Water’s Edge DermatologyDermatology Practice


The WilMark Group took Water’s Edge Digital Marketing to the next level and aligned it with their overall business and marketing strategy. 

The WilMark Difference

The WilMark Group completed an expansive audit of existing digital components and upgraded it across digital touch points.  We developed a comprehensive digital marketing plan that linked directly to the strategic imperatives of the organization to drive lead generation, expand brand awareness and improve customer service and relationships. Key elements included:

Social Media: redirected all social pages to be customer service and lead generation channels with engaging creative and targeted campaigns.

Blog Content and Management: The WilMark Group identified with the client key areas of interest to patients, such as a Blog about top potential skin issues for children.

SEO / SEM: The WilMark Group audited Water’s Edge SEO and took over management of the process. After identifying areas of strength and opportunities, The WilMark team went to work to improve website traffic leading to increased engagement which provided improved customer service and new customer leads.

Paid Digital Marketing: The WilMark Group developed various paid digital marketing campaigns across all relevant business verticals syncing leads to a marketing automation platform which in turn nurtured those leads.

Email Marketing: Utilized Email marketing to nurture leads on an on-going basis.

Reputation Management: Through a personalized, semi-automated process the WilMark Group solicited reviews and implemented a ‘drip’ email campaign to solicit additional reviews. The WilMark Group cut review solicitation in half. Star ratings improved to 4.8 and revenue significantly increased. 


Water’s Edge Dermatology is the leading dermatology practice in Florida and is the dominant practice on Facebook, improving followers by double digits with significant new leads from Facebook referral traffic. From paid media, Water’s Edge has reached hundreds of leads, generated hundreds of thousands of impressions. Lead generation was across all disciplines of their dermatological and vein treatment services. Email open rates were over 50% with click throughs averaging more than 15%. Website traffic increased 20% and clients engaged longer with incremental leads generated.