Integrated Ad Campaign – Superhero Sidekick

Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Pharmaceutical Industry


In order to expand brand awareness and spark engagement with key targets, the WilMark Group developed an integrated multi-channel campaign that included traditional advertising and thought leading content formats targeting high level hospital pharmacy executives of large health systems. Our “Superhero Sidekick” concept showed that CPS can bring the superpowers hospitals need today in order to improve clinical, operational and financial results. 

The integrated campaign contained four key components:

  1. 4 full page ads with H&HN featuring the Superhero Sidekick
  2. Sponsored and hosted live roundtable discussions with leading hospital executives from around the country at two major annual hospital meetings
  3. E-books entitled “Leveraging Pharmacy Services to Drive Value” and “Elevating the Pharmacist as a Strategist” were developed from the roundtable dialogues and hosted via a gated page on the H&HN website, along with a promotional article in the AHA e-newsletter
  4. Gated landing pages for each E-book with the “Superhero Sidekick” creative, and CPS pushed the E-books via social media and their own blog platform.

The WilMark Group Difference

  • The Superhero Sidekick Print Campaign in H&HN reached 193,350 per issue and served approximately 774,200 impressions;
  • E-books had a total of 458 downloads;
  • Social media activity was strong, including LinkedIn with 2,540 impressions as well as engagements and likes, Facebook with 871 impressions as well as likes, and Twitter with 3,175 impressions;
  • The entire integrated campaign captured 200 new leads, with each new client representing a potential multi-million-dollar contract.

Aster Awards 2018

Gold: CPS “Superhero Sidekick” American Hospital Association ad campaign